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APM Chemical Delivery System

Automatically Pre-Measured Chemical Delivery System
Replace waste and confusion with control andsavings!

The "Wallmount"- Stationary Unit
A one unit, multi-product mixing station. Simply lock a cartridgeinto place and pull down on the water flow handle. The cleaner selectionis limited ONLY by your inventory. Changing products is as simple as snappingone cartridge out and another into the unit.

The "Gun"- Transportable Unit
Just snap the gun onto a water hose using the quick disconnectgun coupler, lock a cartridge into place and it's ready to go. The compact,safe, non-spillable, easy to transport cartridges can be kept readily availablefor immediate product changes depending upon the need.

Features & Benefits

It's simple
The APM system is service-free, maintenance-free, and trouble-free. The refill containers snap quickly and easily into place, and product is dispensed in precise dilution ratios.

With the APM system you can use just one dispenser for all the products. Change the product, not your dispenser.

Easy to Use
Just snap the containers into the "GUN" or "WALLMOUNT". Just load, snap, and go.

Accurate Measuring
Precisely diluted cleaners are delivered every time, regardless of portion required, because the proportioner is built into the container. Mixing errors are eliminated.

Compact and Lightweight
Takes up very little storage space. A case of six liters weighs less than 16 lbs. and can be shipped via package express.

Color Coded
Primary container labels match secondary container labels to prevent product confusion.

User Friendly
Designed to be simple to use and to "go" to the problem.

Environmentally Responsive
Products are biodegradable and containers are recyclable.

Labor Saving
The simplicity of the system permits you to put this WALLMOUNT in multiple building locations which are closer to the job sites.

Proprietary Control
Can be used with the APM system dispensers preventing misuse and over use of product.

Simple Installation

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